Welcome to iGEM TIES
Mapping iGEM team interactions

Project description

  • iGEM TIES (Team IntEraction Study) explores how iGEM team interactions, diversity and transdisciplinarity impact the global performance of iGEM teams and the learning experience of the students.

  • Join the study and take part in the first large scale description of iGEM team work! Meet us at the Jamboree, or shoot us an email at igem-ties@cri-paris.org if you have any question.

  • All the collected data is anonymised, kept secured on a server, and participation to each data collection is completely voluntary.

  • Participating teams will get a report of their team interactions (interaction networks, number of interactions etc) after the Wiki Freeze. This way the teams can have something to show in their presentation at Jamboree time!

Explore your team network!

We will be at the Jamboree in Boston 31 Oct - 4 Nov!

Find us at the iGEM Insights booth.